Author: Lewis Harry

PJT Staff Teleworking Until Further Notice

To comply with Gov. Wolf’s order, the Philadelphia Junior Tour staff will be working from home, except when at a tournament site. The most efficient way to communicate with PJT staff is through Calls to (267) 622-6170 will forward to individual staff members.

July 2020 Month in Review

The Philadelphia Junior Tour continued the competitive summer with eighteen events in July! Features include a look back at the Junior Fourball Championship, current Player of the Year standings, a rules refresher on Rule 19.2: unplayable ball relief, and a look ahead at the upcoming August 2020 Month of Majors! Click the link above to view the July 2020 Month in Review!

College Coach Q&A

The Philadelphia Junior Tour recently sat down with Mark Anderson, PGA (Penn), James Wilkes, PGA (Villanova) and Scott Yurgalevicz (La Salle) for a conversation and Q&A session regarding juniors and playing golf in college. Topics included common recruiting questions, a look inside the life of a college golfer and much more!

PPGA COVID-19 Statement

Please click the post to view the statement from Philadelphia PGA Staff regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the playing of Philadelphia Junior Tour tournaments going forward