Player of the Year

2019-20 Philadelphia Junior Tour Players of the Year
The Boys 16-18, Boys 13-15, Girls 16-18, Girls 13-15 and 12 & Division players engage in a season long race to become the POY. The players are recognized by the Philadelphia Section PGA Junior Tour.  To view the current Player of the Year points race, please click HERE.

Boys 16-18 POY

2019Luke Watson
2018Cole Shew
2017Alec Ryden
2016J.T. Spina
2015William Mitchell
2014Peter Bradbeer
2013Brandon Vance
2012Braden Shattuck
2011Braden Shattuck
2010Austin List
2009Paul Carbone Jr.
2008Mike Amole
2007Tucker Koch
2006George Trosley
2005William Hoese
2004Matthew Moroz
2003Ryan Beck
2002Christopher Gold

Boys 13-15 POY

2019Eli Shah
2018Win Thomas
2017Dylan Gooneratne
2016Nikita Romanov
2015Caleb Ryan
2014Kyle Vance
2013Kyle Vance
2012Grant Schumaker
2011Sam Soeth
2010Cole Berman

Player of the Year Point Distribution List

POY Distribution List - Website 2

Distribution List Key

Red Line  = Weighted, Top 1/3 Point Finish
Jr. Tour Events = 1.0 x Top 1/3 Point Finish
2-day JGS = 1.1 x Top 1/3 Point Finish
3-day JGS = 1.2 x Top 1/3 Point Finish
Multi-Day Event = 1.3 x Top 1/3 Point Finish
Major = 1.5 x Top 1/3 Point Finish
Major = Jr. Tour Championship, Jr. PGA
Championship, Jr. Fourball Championship, Harry Hammond Invitational & Philly PGA Chapter Jr. Championship

12 & Under POY

2019Hunter Probst
2018Nicholas Gross
2017Benjamin Saggers
2016Joshua Ryan
2015Joshua Ryan
2014Stephen Lorenzo
2013Austin Barbin
2012Caleb Ryan
2011R.J. Wren
2010R.J. Wren
2009Ryan Rucinski

Girls 16-18 POY

2019Esther Park
2018Christina Carroll
2017Grace Hickey
2016Casey Oppenheimer
2015Kaitlyn Lees
2014Emily Gilbert
2013Lacey Bensing
2012Lacey Bensing
2011Erin Lo
2010Francesca Ruscio
2009Christina Vosters
2008Beverly Pike
2007Beverly Pike
2006Lara Poletajev
2005Laura Fisher
2004Angela Oh
2003Victoria Arena
2002Sandra Rhee

Girls 13-15 POY

2019Kayla Maletto
2018Angelina Tolentino
2017Elizabeth Beek
2016Elizabeth Beek
2015Casey Oppenheimer
2014Gabriella Kim
2013Gabriella Kim
2012Cara Basso
2011Lacey Bensing