Why should I join the Philadelphia Section PGA Junior Tour (PJT)?

The Philadelphia Section PGA will administer up to 90 junior tournaments this year

  • All tournaments are within a reasonable driving distance
  • 15 nationally ranked events a year by the Junior Golf Scoreboard
  • Excellent opportunities to build resume for high school and collegiate golf
  • Ability to network with the best junior golfers in the Philadelphia area
  • Membership and tournament fees are price conscious
  • All events are family friendly tournaments

How do I register to become a member of the PJT?

The most time efficient way to become a member of the PJT is to visit the PJT’s homepage. You will see a link on the top right of the home page reading “Become A Member.” Select that link and a new page will open.  If you’re a member from a previous season, please enter your ID and password.  If you’re a new member, please select “I’m Not a Member” and fill in the prompts in regards to your personal information and be sure to have a credit card available to complete your membership registration.

If you wish to submit payment via check, a printable Membership Registration Form must accompany the check along with a parental consent form.

What credit cards may I use to pay for membership and tournaments?

All major credit cards are accepted.

Are checks allowed and who should they be made payable to?

The Philadelphia Section PGA accepts checks. Please make them payable to:

Philadelphia Section PGA
1009 Penllyn Pike
Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002

Where may I find a Parental Consent Form or Membership Registration Form?

All printable documentation for the PJT will be found by clicking Player Info > Downloads.


Where may I find my ID & Password for my Account?

If you have forgotten your ID and/or password, please visit the homepage of the PJT’s website. On the top right of the homepage, please select the link reading “Forgot Id / Password.” A new page will open with a prompt and please follow the instructions.

Forgot ID / Password


If you can not remember your ID and the registered email address on your account, please email info@phillyjuniortour.com.

How does the tournament registration process work?

Most tournaments open for registration at the beginning of the season. The tournament registration will then stay open until the Friday prior at 5:00 p.m. or until the maximum field size has been reached. All tournament registrations operate on a first come, first served basis. The open/close dates for each tournament’s registration may be found by visiting the PJT Schedule and clicking the “info” link for the respective event.


How do I know I’ve been accepted into a PJT Tournament?

Each tournament transaction made is followed up with a registration acknowledgment email stating that your application is currently pending approval and when a decision has been made, a second email will be sent stating confirmation of acceptance into a tournament.

I am currently on the waiting list for an upcoming tournament.  What is the probability of being accepted into the event?

Each event has a maximum field size and once the maximum field size has been met, the next registrants are then put on a waiting list which operates on a first come, first served basis. From the time the waiting list has met its capacity till the date of the tournament, there is always a possibility of a cancellation or a withdrawal to occur. However, there is no predictability with cancellations or withdrawals. If a cancellation or a withdrawal occurs, the next player on the waiting list will be contacted about the available spot. You may contact the Tournament Director about your position on the waiting list. After the tournament director was contacted and your position was identified, if you do not hear from the Tournament Director leading up to the event, a spot in the tournament has not opened up.

Waiting List Policy

How many players play in a tournament?

Most PJT events are limited to 84 players. The max field size may vary because of limited course availability, invitationals, etc.

When are tee times posted?

Tee times are emailed to each tournament participant approximately 1 week prior to the event. Tee times are also made available to the public on the tournament information page for each event which may be found by visiting the PJT Schedule and clicking the “info” link for the respective event.


I need to withdraw from a tournament. How do I proceed?

To withdraw from a tournament and it is more than one week prior to the tournament date, you may log-in to your Players Club Account and select “cancel” next to the event you wish to withdraw from.

If you are withdrawing from a tournament and it is less than one week prior to the tournament, please contact the PJT Staff via email info@phillyjuniortour.com.

Withdrawal Policy

Inclement weather is in the forecast which may cancel an upcoming tournament.  When will a decision be made and how will we be notified?

Typically, depending on the severity of the storm/weather forecast, a decision will be made early in the morning on the day of the event. The PJT staff reserves the right to make a decision earlier than the day of the tournament based on the weather forecast and other factors. Once a decision has been made, an email and text message to all players along with an update on the homepage of the PJT website will follow immediately.

Are push carts permitted for PJT tournaments?

Push-carts are permissible on the PJT at the discretion of all host facilities.  Please locate the tournament information page for each event which may be found by visiting the PJT Schedule and clicking the “info” link for the respective event.


May a competitor use a distance measuring device during tournament play?

For all play, a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance measuring device.  If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of a Rule 14-3.

Are caddies allowed?

Caddies are only allowed in the 12 and Under Division. All junior participants in the 13-18 Divisions must carry their own bag or use a push cart. Caddies in the 12 and Under Division must register with the Philadelphia Junior Tour staff and purchase a caddie bib. For more information, please click here.

What is the spectator policy?

Spectators are welcomed and encouraged at every PJT event. Golf cars for spectators are allowed on a case by case, course by course basis. As a spectator you must stay at least 50 yards away from the group you are following or stay on the cart path if the hole allows it. Walking on the tees, fairways and greens are prohibited. Neither spectators nor competitors are allowed to give advice to competitors. Information on the Rules of Golf or on matters of public information, such as positions of hazards or flag sticks are not considered advice but spectators are prohibited from making rulings during competitions. To help the PJT with the pace of play, we encourage all spectators to follow one shot ahead of the group they are following and spot for lost golf balls.

Parents Page

How are ties decided?

Match Play
A match that ends all square should be played off hole by hole until one side wins a hole. The play-off should start on the hole where the match began. In a handicap match, handicap strokes should be allowed as in the prescribed round. For the Jon M. Pritsch Cup, a tie is an acceptable result.

Stroke Play

  • In the event of a tie in a scratch stroke-play competition, a play-off is recommended. The play-off may be over 18 holes or a smaller number of holes as specified by the Committee. If that is not feasible or there is still a tie, a sudden death hole-by-hole play-off is recommended (Junior Tour Championship, Junior PGA Championship, Harry Hammond Invitational, JGS Series and multi-day events)
  • In either a scratch or handicap stroke-play competition, if a play-off of any type is not feasible, matching score cards is recommended. The method of matching cards should be announced in advance. An acceptable method of matching cards is to determine the winner on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes. If the tying players have the same score for the last nine, determine the winner on the basis of the last six holes, last three holes, the 18th hole, and then the 1st hole moving forward (All other PJT Events) until the winner is determined.

I am playing a practice round, what yardage will I be playing?

Most tournaments are played between 6,000 and 6,500 yards. For the Boys 16-18 Division, the total yardage played will be closer to 6,500 yards. For the Boys 13-15 and Girls 16-18 Divisions, the total yardage played will be closer to 6,000 yards. For the Girls 13-15 Division and 9 Hole Divisions, the total yardage played will be 5,500 yards.

Is there a limit to how many events a junior may participate in?

There is not a minimum or maximum to the number of events a junior may participate in.

What is the typical range of scores for PJT tournaments?

The typical range of scores for PJT tournaments are from 70 – 110 for 18-hole division and 36-60 for the 9-hole division.

Are there awards given out for each age division?

Yes, the top three place winners in each division (12 & Under Division, Girls 13-15, Girls 16-18, Boys 13-15, and Boys 16-18) will receive a medal. Player of the Year points are also distributed based on number of players in the division. Click the button below for more information on the Graham Company Player of the Year points race.

Graham Co. POY