Rules Webinars

The Philadelphia PGA Junior Tour, in coordination with Section Rules Committee members, organized two rules webinar for juniors! Session one is presented by Clark Luis, PGA and Tom Carpus, PGA. The session covers penalty relief rules for golfers of all ages to know and examples of how to proceed under these rules. Session two is presented by Clark Luis, PGA and covers free relief rules. Below you will find a link to a pre-quiz where you can test your knowledge. The answers to this pre-quiz are covered at the beginning of both webinar sessions and are shown to you once the quiz is submitted.

Rules Webinar Pre-Quiz



Session One: Penalty Relief Rules

  • Rule 17: Penalty Areas
  • Rule 18: Stroke-and-Distance Relief; Ball Lost or Out of Bounds
  • Rule 19: Unplayable Ball

Session Two: Free Relief Rules

  • Rule 15: Loose Impediments, Moveable Obstructions, Ball or Ball-Marker Helping or Interfering with Play
  • Rule 16: Abnormal Course Conditions, Dangerous Animal Condition, Embedded Ball, Lifting Ball to See if Relief Condition Applies