FUNdamental Tour

Who is the FUNdamental Tour for?

The Philadelphia Junior Tour – FUNdamental Tour is targeted towards boys and girls, ages 7-18 who are just beginning their journey into tournament golf. Setup as a precursor to our main Philadelphia Junior Tour, the FUNdamental Tour aims to provide tournaments to players who’s ability is in the growth stages.

Who is eligible to play on the FUNdamental Tour?

Boys and Girls, 7-18 who are able to score at least 60 and under from 1,500 – 2,200 yards for 9 holes. Each FUNdamental Tour event is open to PJT Developmental Members and Full Junior Tour members.(Full PJT Members are not eligible for POY points or medals on the FUNdamental Tour).

What are the main differences in the FUNdamental Tour and the Junior Tour?

The biggest difference in the FUNdamental Tour and the Philadelphia Junior Tour is the setup of the courses at each event. Since the FUNdamental Tour is geared towards a more novice player, each event features reduced yardages, a maximum score of double par and the ability to use a parent caddie. The events are also meant to be less competitive than our standard Junior Tour events, so the emphasis is on fun and game improvement!

FUNdamental Membership & Benefits

Membership to the FUNdamental Tour is similar to the Philadelphia Junior Tour where each player will need to create a Golf Genius Player Profile by clicking the button below. Once the player profile is created, the FUNdamental Tour Membership can be selected and checking out will complete the membership. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address on file.

Membership Home

Benefits of the FUNdamental Tour membership include: Discounted membership fee ($75 vs $175), access to entire FUNdamental Tour schedule, membership gift, free USGA Handicap (must be activated by PJT staff), awards for top-3 at each event, ability to move up to Junior Tour when eligible.

Divisions and Yardages

DivisionAvg. Par-3 YardageAvg. Par-4 YardageAvg. Par-5 YardageTotal Yardage
Boys 13-1880 - 160 Yards170 - 320 Yards330 - 420 Yards2,200 Yards
Girls 13-1870 - 120 Yards130 - 250 Yards260 - 360 Yards1,900 Yards
Boys 10-1280 - 160 Yards170 - 320 Yards330 - 420 Yards2,200 Yards
Girls 10-1270 - 120 Yards130 - 250 Yards260 - 360 Yards1,900 Yards
Boys 7-970 - 120 Yards130 - 250 Yards260 - 360 Yards1,800 Yards
Girls 7-960 - 110 Yards120 - 210 Yards220 - 330 Yards1,500 Yards

2022 FUNdamental Tour Schedule