Junior Fourball Championship

Started in 2020, the Junior Fourball Championship is the PJT’s first team event that pairs up Boys and Girls from the 13-15 and 16-18 Divisions for a better ball competition. The inaugural event, held at Saucon Valley Country Club’s Grace Course, was held on July 21, 2020 and boasted a field of 92 of the regions best.

The Junior Fourball Championship is the only Major Championship on the schedule which is open for registration for all active members. Although players don’t compete for POY points in this event, the 2020 winners took home some hardware in the form of commemorative headcovers.

Philadelphia Junior Fourball Champions

2020 Boys 16-18 Champions: Luke Watson and Noah Kim

2020 Boys 13-15 Champions: Jeffrey Homer and Matthew Homer

2020 Girls 16-18 Champions: Sophia Brubaker and Kathleen Mark

2020 Girls 13-15 Champions: Elisabeth Kehagias and Emily Mayo


Year/SiteBoys 16-18Boys 13-15Girls 16-18Girls 13-15
2020 - Saucon Valley CCNoah Kim/Luke WatsonJeffrey Homer/Matthew HomerSophia Brubaker/Kathleen MarkEmily Mayo/Elisabeth Kehagias